Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Switzerland Faves

I've tried to include links where possible, either to the actual place, a similar recipe, etc.  Enjoy your virtual tour of my Switzerland favorites!

Favorite Beverage:
--gluwhein (but lets face it, wine in general.  it's just so much cheaper there!)

Favorite Foods:
--chocolate (duh!  it is Switzerland)
--roesti  or here
--fresh bread
--mandel kipfel (almond croissants with a delectable almond paste filling)

Favorite Activities:  (even if it is pretty much everything we did!)
--train rides!

--weihnachtsmarkt, or for those of us who are non German-speakers, "Christmas market"

--Christmas Eve service (real candles on the trees!)

--sledding...and gluwhein

--eating at the top of the Schilthorn in a rotating restaurant (maybe you've seen it in James Bond's On Her Majesty's Secret Service)

Please don't mind my hat hair and look of, "Did you take the picture YET??"

--hanging out with family, and getting to see the little niece walking
--checking out new towns

--going to the "Top of Europe"; feeling light-headed and sleepy at over 11, 000ft...not so much the highlight

--finding new yarn shops

--watching the big cow bell clangers on New Year's Eve

--going to a folk show:  seeing my husband blow into the alphorn (and rock it!) , listening to yodelers, and getting to play an instrument myself!

I'm way over on the right, next to the lady in the Swiss costume

Have any of you been to Switzerland?  What were your experiences? 


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