Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

We now pause for a break from our normally scheduled programming of What I Ate Wednesday (because honestly, who wants to see pictures or hear about the chips & salsa + cereal that I ate for dinner this week??)...

Today I will be sharing with you a new recipe that has inspired me.  In an attempt to eat a more filling breakfast, I swapped out my normal Smart Balance for peanut butter the last few days.  It seems to have done the trick and tends to get me through to lunch without too many cravings.  However, the thought of eating peanut butter every morning, no matter how small the amount, just didn't seem too healthy.  (never mind the chips & salsa for dinner)  So I decided to branch out to almond butter.  I recently saw some naturally ground almond butter at the grocery store and, at least in my mind, that seems better than peanut butter???  Can anyone verify that?  So I splurged, because, mind you, all-natural peanut butter, despite having fewer ingredients, is most definitely more expensive than the ones jammed full of bad stuff!  Go figure! 

This morning was the trial run of the almond butter and I was super excited considering my almond kick of late--roasted almonds for snacking, almond milk for drinking...  Well, I'm sorry to say that I was severly disappointed.  It was totally chunky, not very spreadable and totally stick to your mouth!  However, I was still trying to rationalize my $5 purchase, and thought, "This isn't so bad." 

Then, in the afternoon I open my Google reader to find one of my favorite bloggers, Sheena of The Little Red House, posting a recipe for almond butter!  Wow!  This gal has awesome recipes and they always taste good...and are good for you!  (Can you say homemade fruit leather in apricot & strawberry, for example?)  Needless to say, I can't wait to try it out.  It seems so do-able and the pics look a lot more appetizing than what I put on my toast this morning. 

photo via The Little Red House, Sheena Jibson

Now, what to do with the original almond butter....


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

Believe me when I say that things have been crazy around here!  Due to that fact I feel justified in the following two items:
1) I'm not posting much about what I ate
2) I'm not posting anything else at all these days

I do hope to be putting up some more of my recent knitting in the near future.  Maybe when I'm actually home for a weekend!

And now for my pathetic What I Ate Wednesday post...

Since I'm in the midst of my coaching season, and since we were on the road a few days last week, and since I wasn't home all day Saturday, you will have to make do with a post about one of my favorite sandwich joints.  The Shortstop Deli is located in Ithaca, NY, aka the home of Cornell University.  Any future students out there?  Well, this place is open 24/7 and boasts that they have been serving customers for the last 275555 consecutive hours!  Amazing!  Anyway, their food is great as well.  In an effort to avoid fast food, I took my tennis team there last Monday on our way home from a match with Ithaca High School.  Although there is a bit more of a wait and increase in price from Subway, I think it is well worth it.  The subs are made to order with little room for error as you fill out a form upon entering the establishment.  You circle all kinds of options such as bread, hot, cold, meat, types of cheese, fixings, etc.  This helps avoid the awkward shuffle in line as you follow an employee down the line answering a million questions about what you want on your sub.  Plus, there are just way more options.  Some of the athletes may or may not have complained about not getting to eat off of the McD's Dollar Menu, but I at least can rest assured that I did my part to encourage healthy (er) eating.  Jamie Oliver would be proud! 


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Overdue--Easter, in Pictures

This was the first major holiday that Mr. P and I have hosted since being married.  It was fun!  We decided to go simple and I think it was a success.  Delicious food and no stress!  Thank goodness for my sweet husband, though, for tackling the ham while I got ready for church!  He's my main meat man!   
Baked Ham with Spiced Pineapple Glaze, recipe courtesy of Summer (of summerharms) via the Smithfield blog. 

Recipe was slightly altered--used bone-in ham for better flavor and for making ham bone soup afterward.  However, the best intentions remain that, intentions.  We did enjoy the ham but alas there was no soup mde afterward.  I finally gave up this week and disposed of my precious ham bone.  Enjoyed this recipe so much, though, that I'll have to make another ham at some point and then the soup!

Couronne, recipe via Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes (yes, that book again!)
 The table setting
 Brussel Sprout Leaf Salad (yes I said brussel sprouts) with a zesty lemon dressing, recipe courtesy of Giada D.
 Yum-o beans courtesy of my mom.  Simply cook beans, add some butter and almonds!
 Mashed potatoes via The Joy of Cooking.  I added some chives for extra zip.
 Honey and Cinnamon Glazed Carrots from the crockpot, recipe courtesy of A Year of Slow-Cooking
 Centerpiece: limes and roses.  Inspired by the cover of Woman's Day magazine (at least I think that was the one!)
Cake courtesy of my mom via the bakery.  A tasty end to the meal.  Aren't the foil-wrapped chocolate eggs such a cute addition?


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

Back for round 2 of What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW).  I must say, this week was not too stellar, so be prepared to be unimpressed...
Chicken spiedie on Italian bread, corn on the cob, sliced strawberries

This was Saturday night's dinner.  It was quite nice out, so we broke out the grill for the second time this year and made chicken spiedies, a local specialty.  Basically the meat is marinated in a mixture of spices and served on Italian bread.  We also ate corn on the cob--I was so suprised that they had some at the store.  It actually tasted decent.  Mr. P and I both got one good ear and one so-so ear.  The meal was topped off with fresh strawberries.  Can you see how much we are willing spring to come??

Raspberry Tart

Do I sound incredibly unhealthy when I admit that the most delicious thing I ate all week was this raspberry tart?  We got these as our desserts (and no, we didn't share!) for Saturday night.  When Mr. P asked the lady at the store what was inside of them she said, "Yumminess" and we both wholeheartedly agree!  A light flaky crust, with chocolately-mousse and raspberry filling (and somehow dairy free!) and a fudgy chocolate topping.  I've been dreaming of this ever since.  Do you have a Wegmans near you?  If so, then head over and see if they have them at the patisserie!

Strawberries, mini pitas, roasted garlic hummus, carrots and a "cutie". 

And now you all get to see just how lazy I am when Mr. P is not around for dinner and I'm in the middle of my coaching season!  

P.S. Anyone want to join me on my WIAW posts? 


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