Monday, October 25, 2010

Fingerless Gloves

This is the pattern that I used

I just finished these up last week.  They were super fun to make and have already been put to good use.  I was so excited that we had some cooler weather and I was able to wear them.  This week we are back to 60s and 70s!!  I can envision wearing these in the cold winter months when my hands are absolutely freezing INSIDE!  Mmm...I love the snuggly part of winter.

Lets talk about fall, though.  I am making all things apple tonight.  I just realized that I have a stockpile of apples on the back porch from our apple picking in September that I should get to using!  I had already made one batch of apple sauce, so tonight I am making another round.  Plus and Apple Bundt cake which smells absolutely delicious.  Can't wait for it to be done hour and a half?  Come on folks, that is just too long. 

What I love about the apple treats I'm cooking up:
1. The apple sauce is oh-so-good for you.  We're talking apples, water and a bit-o-cinnamon.  Can't get better than that! 
2. Preparing the apples is so fun when you use a combination apple peeler, corer, slicer.  Do you have one of these gadgets?  If not, you MUST purchase one at your earliest convenience. 
3. The smell of cinnamon, sugar, and apples.  The cake has LAYERS of apples (covered in cinn/sug) alternating with the layers of cake (with extra vanilla!). 

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