Tuesday, October 12, 2010


View of Lake Champlain from the plane on our way to Basin Harbor, VT
While I was in Vermont this weekend visiting Mr. P's parents, I went to some craft fairs & shops with my MIL.  It was great inspiration for how to set up my booth at the craft fair.  I got a new idea of how to display my hats, so now Mr. P has a new woodworking project!  In addition, I now have a new product that I am going to sell at the fair.  Lets just say it has something to do with photographs.  Details to follow.... 

On Sunday we took a little day trip to Basin Harbor Resort for lunch.   Mr. P takes his father on an annual "Foliage Trip" in the airplane and this was the destination for 2010.  Despite some bumpiness, it was a fun excursion with a delicious lunch.  I love checking out new places!

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