Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Burgundy Fingerless Gloves

I'm loving this most recent pair of fingerless gloves that I knit up (although can you call them "fingerless" if they have a thumb hole?  or is that ok since a thumb is a thumb, not a finger.  can anyone weigh in on this?)
Anyway, back to the gloves.  They are a deep maroon and I'm loving the color and style so much.  This pair is for a co-worker, but I've got a plan in the works for myself in a light grey.  Can't wait to see how they pan out.  Am in love with the extra length on the arm.  The pair that I made in the fall, while still useful and sylish, seem to end up bunching up around my wrist (kind of like knee high pantyhose around your ankle).  I think these will work out much better. 


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