Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Shower Craftiness

This past weekend I was able to help "shower" my sister-in-law for the coming arrival of her new babe!  I did decorations/entertainment while my mother-in-law did the food.  It was tons of fun preparing and setting up.  We had the perfect location at my in-laws house--an early 20th century home with lots of character and room for a crowd.  The only downside--the place has three (count 'em, THREE) fireplaces within the FOUR different rooms that we used--that's a lot of decorating!   

I'm going to highlight some of the projects that I did, even if most of the ideas came from other people.  I must say, there were compliments a-plenty, but one must give credit where it is due.  I have to give a shout-out especially to Miranda, for her crafty ideas and for answering my questions on the how-tos!  I planned much of this shower based on her famous bridal shower posts!   

First project up, the Paper Punch Garland.  See how cute it looks at the Roommate ReunionThis is what I did:  punched out circles using my paper punch and coordinating scrapbook papers (I found a great deal on a whole stack at TJMaxx, of all places.  Then I sewed them together with white thread, leaving about 1/2 inch between each punch.  Be sure to lay out your circles ahead of time so that you can plan your colors in a specific order. 

You may have also noticed the AWESOME pom-poms in the photo.  For a great (and easy as 1-2-3) tutorial, check this out.  You'll want to make them for all your parties.  And hang them up all over your house.  And not take them down for days...even if the party is over.  Thankfully for my in-laws, I did remove them before leaving at the end of the weekend. 

So how did our garlands and pom-poms turn out?  Check out these photos:

Still more to bunting, games/activities, and the FOOD!

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