Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Shower Games & Activities

Does anyone else despise those cheesy games that you have to play at baby showers?  The ones that make the entire experience seem to drag on?  Well, for this shower I knew I wanted action and fun!  We had one activity and two games to play.  Both of the games were kind of low-key--play them if you want, but don't feel obligated. 

Game 1: Animal Pregnancy
In this game you had to match the name of the animal to the number of days of its gestational period.  Wow--an elephant is pregnant for like 2 years! 

We played this right at the beginning of the shower...after all the chit-chat.  I think it scared some people off, though when they only knew the answer to the Human gestational period! 

Here's the link to where I got the game from, along with the answer key. 

Game 2: Baby Food Guessing
In this game you have to look at the baby food jars and guess what each type of food is.  I removed the labels from each jar, wrote a number on the lid, then left the game sheets in the bowl (see picture).  The player then had to match up the jar number to the name of the foods (I put all the options on the game sheet.  This is very challenging if you purchase all foods of similar color!

I left this game in the Music Room for people to work on as they milled around.  If there was downtime, they were able to join in on the fun.  At the end of the party, I announced the answers and guests checked their work.   

I like that this game is very "double-duty".  I passed off these jars to my sis-in-law, along with the key.  Then she can use them for baby later on!

Here's a modification that I think would be fun...
...instead of guessing based on sight, leave mini spoons and have guests do a taste test and write down what they think it is.  This could be soooo fun if done with the right crowd! 

Thanks again to Miranda, the quintessential "make baby onesies" activity has been improved and modernized!  At the shower we made onesies, but with fabric designs, instead of drawn ones.  It was fun and resulted in a lot of action during and a lot of cute garb after the activity.  At the end they were all hung on a clothesline for the handiwork to be admired. 

If you want to try it out, read these directions.  The only issue I had was with the wonder under.  At JoAnns when I requested it, they asked me if I wanted "light-weight" or "heavy-weight".  Assuming that heavy-weight was for denim, corduroy, etc., I requested the light.  WRONG.  Make sure you specify "Pellon 805" or the "paper-backed" wonder under.  Otherwise you might end up with an ugly onesie, with fabric that doesn't stick very well, and then have to return to the craft store to purchase the correct item so that your shower guests don't get frustrated and use four letter words when it doesn't turn out right....

Hard At Work

The Happy Mother-to-Be

**The baby shower madness will continue for a few more posts!**

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Miranda said...

I don't think I'll ever get over how cute those onesies are. I love the one with the dragonfly! Good tip too about the weight of Wonder-under. I should make a note of that.

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