Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Shower Decorations Continued--Bunting

This is one of my favorite decorations of the whole party (well, after the pom-poms).  It took a little bit of work, but it wasn't too difficult.  There was a lot of cutting and ironing involved, but the actual sewing was minimal...and super easy.  I followed this tutorial. 

One of the most fun parts was choosing the colors!  Since the baby is probably a girl, they are sticking with green, yellow and brown as the nursery colors.  I found the pink and green polka-dot fabric and fell in love, then chose the complementing fabrics based on that one.  I think I will be making many more banners like this one! 

The other exciting part was that I got a new tool to complete the project--rotary sheers and a pinking blade.  How easy is cutting now?  I L-O-V-E it!  Best purchase yet!!  ...besides knitting supplies...and the sewing machine.  I just have to make sure to hide it from The Mister! 

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Miranda said...

Ahhh, bunting. I shall never tire of you.

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