Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweater I've been meaning to blog about...

I finished this sweater back in April, but have been lazy about posting it.  It is called the Oatmeal Pullover and is designed by Jane Richmond.  She is a young, hip knitter/designer with lots of fun patterns.  I have many of them in my Ravelry favorites! 

This sweater was fun to knit, but I did have some issues with the sleeves.  They don't quite fit 100% right at the shoulder, and then I didn't quite knit them as long as I wanted.  I also didn't knit the body long enough either.  Normally I have issues with garments being too long in the torso and then they create a big bulge over my jeans/belts/etc.  Ugh...I hate that!  So I decided to knit this to the right length for me, but it ended up too short!  However, for my first adult sweater, I guess it didn't come out too bad.  At least I love the color.  I would definitely try this one again, but with a different yarn.  I wasn't a fan of the way the Lion Brand Chunky came out in this pattern.  

Here are some pics:

Trying it on for size...before sleeves were added


And here is another blogger/knitting superstar, SouleMama, who also made the Oatmeal.  I LOVE her version--I find myself coveting the color and the yarn. 


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