Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wanna go on a little tour? Part I

Welcome to the tour of the camp!  Today is Part I: Outdoor Sights.  As you may remember from yesterday's post, Mr. P is currently residing at this camp while he waits for me and our stuff to move up to VT.  So come join me on the sights that I saw during my little visit last week:

This is the camp entrance.  To the right is where you walk in from the car.  To the left is a barrier and then a cliff!  However, there is a huge benefit to being on top of a cliff--a great view!  (And I'm not joking about the cliff part.  The name of the road is "Cliff Dwellers" and my little Mazda Protege can only get up the grass driveway with a running start!)

This is your view to the right.  You have to walk up and over this hill to get back and forth to the cars/camp.  

This is the deck and was the location from which I took the first picture.  This is where most meals are eaten since there's not a lot of room inside the camp and because, well, there are just awesome sunsets!   Past Mr. P's bike and to the right is where we have the bonfires.  And do you see that structure in the background?  Well, look at the next photo for details...

This is fondly called the "Love Shack", because you would only spend a night in this place if you were in love!  It is a neighboring camp which Mr. P's parents now also own.  When the camps were first built, they were super close together, so when this one went up for sale they jumped at the chance for a little more land.  As you can see, it is in quite the state.  However, they keep it standing so that they could put another structure there in the future if wanted.  If they were to take it down, you would not be able to rebuild.  Gotta love building codes!  

This picture gives you a better idea of how the camp is on the cliff.  There is a road separating them from the lake, but you can't even see it so there are unobstructed views.  

Now that's what you call a sunset.  Yay for summer! 

Stay tuned...Part II:  Indoor Sights is coming soon!


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