Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick Chick and Noodle

This is what was for dinner the other night.  Well, actually two other nights, plus a lunch for Mr. P.  We are big on the leftovers here.  (Actually, Mr. P could eat them endlessly, me not so much, which works out great since I'm the one cooking!)

Wow, it doesn't look so appetizing there

I made this chicken noodle soup using Rachael Ray's recipe.  It is in her first "30 Minute Meals" cookbook, or you can find a similar version on here.  It was quite yummy and warming for a snowy night.  I served it with, yup you guessed it, Artisan Bread.  "Delish", as Rach would say.  

Main differences between the book recipe and the online one:   no parsnip, no bay leaves, no dill in book.  Although I think the addition of them would be great!  I used 3 chicken breasts diced which was quite a lot.  Mr. P liked all the meat, I would have liked a bit more broth.  Either way it smelled and tasted great! 


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