Thursday, December 2, 2010

Speaking of Nieces...

Yesterday's post was about Mr. P and I's newest niece...and her new booties.  In order to be fair, today's post will be about our other niece.  She just turned one this week.  We got to Skype with her on Sunday which is just so much fun! 
Have you discovered the wonderfulness that is Skype?  Don't you love how we have turned it into a verb?

Well, since this little girl was celebrating the big...O-N-E.... she needed a special celebration banner. 

To create this banner I used a 3" scalloped-edge punch.  After punching, I layed out the circles to decide my order, then sewed them together on my machine. 
**I made one similar to this for our other niece's baby shower and learned this lesson--be sure to sew only 1/4 of the way down the circle.  Otherwise, the circles have a tendency to flip and then all the hard work you did to get just the right punch will be lost because the circles will flip front to back all willy-nilly. 

After I sewed the banner together, I wrote on it in black sharpie CELEBRATE

I absolutely love making these banners.  They are quite versatile and you can be creative by changing the papers, lettering, punch shape, etc. 

Have you made these banners before?  Who would you make one for?  Are you as in love with "punches" as I am? 


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