Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog oh blog, oh where have you been

Life has been just plain crazy as of late, and frankly-not all good crazy.  We've traveled, worked, eaten, celebrated, stood by bedsides, made life decisions and attended a funeral.  I have been distinctly missing, therefore, from my blog due to, well, LIFE.  It happens and we can either choose to live it or blog about.  I chose to live.  And I'm so glad that I did.  As much as I value you dear readers, let's face it--my life in the here and now is just so much more important than this cyber world.  I was able to spend time with precious people in my life and make lasting memories.   

During this time my grandmother passed away after a brief illness.  And although I loved her and was so close to her, I realized at her funeral that I was still learning things about her.  Like how thoughtful she was, not just to me her granddaughter, but to those around her.  And those she did not know.  How sacrificial she was.  And how she had such a heart for serving. 

What an example she was, and is still, to me.  It has inspired me and made me rethink some priorities.  How do I show love to others?  How do I help out in times of trial?  Do I have a giving spirit?  I know that it is late for a New Year's resolution, but maybe that's ok.  Maybe these are meant for more of the LIFE resolution type.  

So, lets get back to the blogging, but with a more reflective spirit.  With a more generous nature.  

Here are some blogging inspirations:
-knit for charity with Minimalist Knitter--she has a goal of 150 items knitted for charity in 2011!
-join Katie of Making this Home for the Giving Month Challenge!  Pick up with Challenge II or start at the beginning with Challenge I!   

How about you?  Have you been more thoughtful?  or giving?  or sacrificial lately?  Have any ideas on how to incorporate?  Have you been inspired to start?  Share your story!  Comment away, folks!  Let's make Grandma Raye proud! 

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