Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Going-Ons

Although it may be Monday, my weekend is still going on.  That is, we had today off for President's Day, and tomorrow also.  A sort of mini Mid-Winter Recess, if you will.  Don't mind if I elaborate on what we've been up to!
On February 13, 2011, Mr. P and I had been married for precisely one whole year!  As we spent last weekend at my grandmother's funeral, we decided to celebrate this one with a little getaway.  We found ourselves in Ithaca, which we happen to enjoy frequenting time and again.  Not only was it our anniversary celebration and a long weekend, but it also happened to be the beginning of Ithaca Loves Teachers Week.  There was a lot of fun to be had there, so we lived it up with free wine tastings, restaurant discounts, and purchase discounts.  Our original plan had been to spend Saturday at the Chili Cookoff, but since the weather decided to interefere, we made do with the following:
-Arrive in Ithaca; get registered for Teachers' Week
-Upon hearing the Chili Cookoff is postponed, make our way to Viva Cantina for lunch-we both had the taco trio-1 each of chicken, beef and pork!
-Beer tasting for Mr. P at the Ithaca Beer and Soda Company; root beer tasting for me (although I did sneak a taste of the Apricot Wheat and had to notice it wasn't bad for a beer!)
-Drove north to King Ferry and Long Point Wineries
-Almost turned back sooner due to high wind, snow drifts and snow fall
-Continued on to our place of respite and sustenance for the night:  the John Joseph Inn and Elizabeth Restaurant
We thoroughly enjoyed the Inn and our dinner.  The rooms were tastefully decorated to have old inn charm, but with modern conveniences such as a gas fireplace, jacuzzi tub, flat screen tv, and wireless internet.  The room was comfy and spacious. 

Our dinner was a three course Prix Fixe (prepared by the owners and CIA graduates), with an added "amuse bouche" and palate cleanser (raspberry sorbet with champagne!).  I had duck and Mr. P ate veal.  Our only complaint about the restaurant was that it was freeeeezing!  If it had been a tad warmer, I think I could have focused more on the delightfulness of the meal.  Otherwise the atmostphere was beautiful.  The building was a restored barn with beams across the ceiling and wonderful decorations.  The highlight of the evening for me was the dessert course--Pluot Tarte Tatin.  Quite delicious, but I do admit to needing to look up the definition of "pluot": turns out to be a cross between plum and apricot.    

Another fun point of the dinner was that we got to drink local wines with the meal.  I chose the chardonnay* from King Ferry which we had just taste-tested in the afternoon.  How nice to actually be familiar with the wine selections and be able to pick something you know you'll enjoy!  (*side note on chardonnay--I'm not usually a fan but this winery knows their stuff!)  

-Get up and rush to breakfast to find the restaurant door locked, no one in sight, and no one answering the phone
-Puzzled, pack up and set off for Ithaca
-End up at one of our favorite (and sentimental) local eateries:  Ithaca Bakery; chow down
-Short drive to Taughannock Falls for a frigid, but beautiful, winter walk
-Admire falls for a few short moments before returning back down the icy path
-Head out of the city with one more stop--Six Mile Creek Winery (at this point, you shouldn't be surprised by our winery-hopping) 
-Finally drive home

We definitely had an action-packed weekend!  Lots of fun celebrating our anniversary, plus great discounts and yummy food.  Doesn't get any better than that! 


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