Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

Back for round 2 of What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW).  I must say, this week was not too stellar, so be prepared to be unimpressed...
Chicken spiedie on Italian bread, corn on the cob, sliced strawberries

This was Saturday night's dinner.  It was quite nice out, so we broke out the grill for the second time this year and made chicken spiedies, a local specialty.  Basically the meat is marinated in a mixture of spices and served on Italian bread.  We also ate corn on the cob--I was so suprised that they had some at the store.  It actually tasted decent.  Mr. P and I both got one good ear and one so-so ear.  The meal was topped off with fresh strawberries.  Can you see how much we are willing spring to come??

Raspberry Tart

Do I sound incredibly unhealthy when I admit that the most delicious thing I ate all week was this raspberry tart?  We got these as our desserts (and no, we didn't share!) for Saturday night.  When Mr. P asked the lady at the store what was inside of them she said, "Yumminess" and we both wholeheartedly agree!  A light flaky crust, with chocolately-mousse and raspberry filling (and somehow dairy free!) and a fudgy chocolate topping.  I've been dreaming of this ever since.  Do you have a Wegmans near you?  If so, then head over and see if they have them at the patisserie!

Strawberries, mini pitas, roasted garlic hummus, carrots and a "cutie". 

And now you all get to see just how lazy I am when Mr. P is not around for dinner and I'm in the middle of my coaching season!  

P.S. Anyone want to join me on my WIAW posts? 


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