Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

We now pause for a break from our normally scheduled programming of What I Ate Wednesday (because honestly, who wants to see pictures or hear about the chips & salsa + cereal that I ate for dinner this week??)...

Today I will be sharing with you a new recipe that has inspired me.  In an attempt to eat a more filling breakfast, I swapped out my normal Smart Balance for peanut butter the last few days.  It seems to have done the trick and tends to get me through to lunch without too many cravings.  However, the thought of eating peanut butter every morning, no matter how small the amount, just didn't seem too healthy.  (never mind the chips & salsa for dinner)  So I decided to branch out to almond butter.  I recently saw some naturally ground almond butter at the grocery store and, at least in my mind, that seems better than peanut butter???  Can anyone verify that?  So I splurged, because, mind you, all-natural peanut butter, despite having fewer ingredients, is most definitely more expensive than the ones jammed full of bad stuff!  Go figure! 

This morning was the trial run of the almond butter and I was super excited considering my almond kick of late--roasted almonds for snacking, almond milk for drinking...  Well, I'm sorry to say that I was severly disappointed.  It was totally chunky, not very spreadable and totally stick to your mouth!  However, I was still trying to rationalize my $5 purchase, and thought, "This isn't so bad." 

Then, in the afternoon I open my Google reader to find one of my favorite bloggers, Sheena of The Little Red House, posting a recipe for almond butter!  Wow!  This gal has awesome recipes and they always taste good...and are good for you!  (Can you say homemade fruit leather in apricot & strawberry, for example?)  Needless to say, I can't wait to try it out.  It seems so do-able and the pics look a lot more appetizing than what I put on my toast this morning. 

photo via The Little Red House, Sheena Jibson

Now, what to do with the original almond butter....


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~ Uncle Sam's Family, Est. September 1994 ~ said...

I love almond butter! If you find it too chunky for your taste, just give it a spin in your food processor. :o) Can't wait to make some homemade fruit leather with the girlies! Thanks for sharing the post!

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