Monday, November 1, 2010

Summoning our inner Italian

It was Pasta-Making night in the Pluss household recently.  We used our Kitchen Aid Mixer and awesome pasta making attachment.  We ended up with spinach fettucine that actually tasted like pasta!  It was yummy!

Here's the story in pictures:

Make dough.  Then split into 8 pieces

Begin feeding through pasta roller

Fold in half to cover up holes

Keep feeding through the roller, gradually adjusting it so that the dough becomes narrower & narrower

Lay dough on cutting board and cut in half when sheets become too long

Finally, feed through pasta cutter!

Spread out individual pieces.  They can be cooked immediately, or dried for 1 hour and then refrigerated or frozen

Boil pasta

Serve it up in a pretty pasta bowl

Eat...or should I say "Mangia!"

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