Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Craft Fair Prep

Last night I was crazily working on my latest project for the craft fair. 
I mentioned a while back (do you remember?) that besides making fruit hats and crafting knit flowers, I had another item for sale in the works.  However, I left you in the lurch and did not specify what that item was.  Well, it's your lucky day...cause I'm going to do a big reveal.  Right now.  Ok, maybe it's not THAt big of a reveal....
Photo notecards! 
I realized that I have a ton-o-pictures and no place to showcase them, so I've decide to make some notecards to sell.  Hence the craziness last night.  You can imagine that if I have as many pictures as I claim, that it would take a while to go through them and select cool shots.  I spent several hours on it and I'm still not through them all!  Hopefully I can finish tomorrow because I still need to get them printed, cut down to size and pasted on the notecards.  Thank goodness Mr. P is willing to help!

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