Thursday, November 4, 2010

Largest Cauliflower Ever

While out of town last Saturday for a hike, Mr. P and I stumbled upon a new-to-us roadside farm stand.  They had all sorts of interesting produce, including the largest cauliflower ever! 

And it only cost $2.50!  What a steal!  As you can see, I bought one.  The task then became deciding what to do with this mammoth vegetable.  Here are some options I came up with:

Option 1:
Chop up into bite-size pieces.  Throw on a jelly roll pan with some EVOO, salt and pepper.  Toss.  Roast at 450 degrees until slightly golden.  I don't remember precisely how long this took, but it was under 30 minutes. 

I promise you this will be delicious.  We had this as a side dish with our dinner and took seconds.  And then ate it with our fingers out of the was that good. 

Option 2:
Throw cauliflower into a crockpot along with chopped up onions, peppers, sausage, Italian seasoning and canned tomatoes (or spaghetti sauce).  Feel free to mix up the veggies with whatever you have and like.  Cook on low all day, or on high from lunch time til dinner.  At dinner time, use your favorite pizza dough ( I use Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day).  Roll out two orange-sized pieces.  Cover half with toppings, adding mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.  Fold over uncovered side.  Pinch edges together.  Bake in oven on a jelly roll pan (I line it with Silpat) according to bread directions until the calzone is browned. 

Mmm...mmm...mmm....we can't get enough of this either.  I will have made this recipe three times since September!  I have experimented with a few different concoctions.  Previously I've used broccoli, this time I'm using cauliflower.  I know it sounds weird, but you barely notice it and it is an easy way to get in more veggies.  Word to the wise:  if using spaghetti sauce instead of canned tomatoes, be sure to leave the juices in the crock when filling your calzone or else it will be too runny. 

Use the leftover filling for more calzones or to top spaghetti! 

Recipe adapted from Crockpot Meals with Vanessa


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Emily said...

When roasting cauliflower, I also love to toss in a couple cloves of chopped garlic, add some dried red pepper flakes, and squeeze a lemon over the whole thing!

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