Monday, November 15, 2010

Time to Get Organized

Lately it has been organization central in the Pluss household.  Mr. P and I have bought many different sized and shaped plastic bins.  And dropped a few bucks in the meantime.  How sad is it that we need to buy bins to organize all the other stuff that we've bought?  Well, anyways, that's besides the point for now.  Lets get on to some organizing. 
Lets talk closets.  Specifically small, 1920s closets.  How about only two closets in THE ENTIRE HOUSE!  I mean, not even a place to hang your coats!  (Which by the way, I found THE perfect coat stand this weekend...but I digress...)  Man did we have to do some consolidating and organizing after we got married!  Here's a sneak peak at the results.  I neither took, nor am posting, any before shots of these closets because, lets get real...I do have some self-respect!   
Over the summer, I did this to Mr. P's closet.

There is a shoe rack in the corner.  The plastic bins are for his crud clothes.
I liked them better here than in the dresser.

The bins on the shelves are labeled for easy putting away and locating

Amazingly enough, Mr. P actually keeps up with this system and his closet is still organized!  This of course made me insanely jealous and I just had to have some bins of my own!  Since it was also time for me to transition my summer and winter clothes, it seemed like the perfect time to organize.  I was sick of toppling piles of clothes and these bins seem like the perfect solution. 

I need that stool to reach the way tippy-top shelves.

View to the top right.  Please excuse the darkness.  My closet has no lights.

I'm a bit anal about organizing my shirts by color.  It just looks prettier, don't you think?
Well, so far, so good.  I am still loving the bin system and am in love with the labels.  I am much better at picking up when things have a specific spot to return to.  Here's hoping that Mr. P and I can continue to maintain our closet mastery!  
What are your favorite closet organizing tricks??     



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